Shrimps with crayfish
Shrimp belong to the family of marine crustaceans ten feet. Its body is long like your abdomen and are covered by a shell firm but little consistency. Although its color is gray, it is generally best known for the intense pink color achieved after cooking. They are great swimmers and can be found in all oceans of the world. The lobster is a decapod crustacean of medium size, elongated body about 20 to 24 cm. long and long and thorny claws. Its shell is pink with reddish and white spots. The head is long and kidney-shaped eyes. It inhabits the bottoms of sand and mud of seas and oceans from 40 to 250 m. deep, where it feeds on annelids, mollusks and fish. It lies mostly north of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea and North African coasts. To cook this seafood should use plenty of water and a little salt, throwing them when taking them out of the boil and boil the second fire to be resting and finish in 8 minutes.
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