Nest of straw potatoes with quail eggs
2,25 €
Nest of straw potatoes with quail eggs sprinkled with shavings of ham.
Mini individual casseroles garlic prawns
1,85 €
Mini individual casseroles garlic prawns.
Manzanilla fina de Sanlúcar
9,00 €
Procedente de mostos de la variedad Palomino Fino, obtenidos mediante presiones suaves y sometidos a fermentación completa.
White shrimp
15,00 €
The prawns are a crustacean sea elongated body similar to but smaller shrimp.
Shrimps with crayfish
17,00 €
Shrimp belong to the family of marine crustaceans ten feet.
Cava Anna de Codorniu
12,00 €
A brut nature pure, alive and female as described by the same winery.
Andalusian gazpacho cream
3,50 €
Undoubtedly, the origins of this dish are humble, is likely to be introduced in the culinary customs in the seventeenth or eighteenth century coincided with the acceptance of the tomato as a food.
Consommé with sherry
3,25 €
The broth (consommé French word adapted to our language today means eating ie consummate reduced.) Is a concentrated broth made ??with meats.
Solar de la Vega D.O. Rueda
7,00 €
Ideal to accompany light meals (rice, fish and shellfish), has a pale yellow, bright, with greenish reflections.